O chosen Messenger of God…



O chosen messenger of God
Grant me your liberating intercession
I am a helpless, sinful slave
O you whose love resides alone in my heart
God bestowed this throne on his subject,
While I, being sinful, am unworthy of this bountiful gift
I am helpless, filled-with-flaws.
Sinful and disobedient is this subject of yours
If you grant no mercy oh Shah of the Messengers,
My condition shall be miserable
Would I ever abandon hope of your grace and favour,
Who else could have mercy on me?
This Selimi will surely beseech you to intercede for him,
Oh guider to the path of God.

Sultan Selim Han II


Happy Rabi al Awwal mubarak 1438 ah/2016









Milaad un Nabi sharif Mubarak..



green nalayn


teroccata nalayn sharif

Rabi Al Awwal mubarak 1437ah


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Qasidah Miraj




When the Prophet journeyed to the Divine Throne, special arrangements were made to welcome the Arabian guest.

Like springtime everywhere songs of greetings sung by the Angels in the skies
like nightingales.

In the heavens and the earth were festive celebrations, the dazzling lights smiling and the fragrant perfumes spreading.


His radiant face created a moonlight near the Throne; The night was lit and the mirrors reflected the brightness.

The dressed up Kaabah welcomed the bridegroom with pride; The black stone like a beautiful mole on her pretty face.

The prayer niche lowered her head in delight; The black curtain gracefully moved, saturated with divine light.

The clouds moved and the hearts did a peacock dance;
To honor Him, the Kaabah gazed in a lyrical trance.

The waterspout on the roof of the Kaabah, the golden Meezaab gently moved towards the ear from her forehead; The raindrops gathered like pearls on Hateem’s bed.


The hills smiled and the elegant tops stood out in the space; The shoots of green grass rhythmically moved with grace.

What an exciting moment the angels, pure and wise, gathered around and dressed him as the bridegroom of paradise.

The light from His shinning face so generously distributed; The moon and the Sun begged most eagerly this bright charity.

Gabriel could go no further with the divine guest; The prophet’s stirrup slipped from his hands though he tried to hold it.

His whole, reflected on the Prophets speed suddenly found his mind aflame; All the trees in the woods of intellect started burning with shame.

Near the Divine Throne the Angels sang welcoming back the auspicious feet
to grace as before.

On hearing this, the devotee exclaimed, “Where is my master ?
How lucky that my eyes will again kiss the soles of Allah’s Messenger ?

Allah’s Throne knelt down, the Angels fell into a prostration;
It rubbed his eyes on his feet; They showed their utmost veneration.

Such bright lights shone that all the candles flickered; The lamp felt ashamed when the ‘Sun’ itself appeared.

In this atmosphere the Messenger of Mercy came respectfully to say: “Those ways are open for you today, which were closed for Moses one day.”

“Move forward, O Muhammad! Come nearer, O Ahmad, My beloved.” What a lovely call it was and what a joyful atmosphere it created !

“O Allah, all praise be to You; You are undoubtedly Samad,
Moses yearned here, you became anxious to see.”

Allah gently encouraged him though the pace humbly slow;
Grandeur checked him but grace inspired him steadily to go,
overawed by Divine splendour,
but inspired by the grace.

He advanced hesitantly with respect and humility; Allah led him on this endless journey with an exceptional agility.

At last a barge emerged from the ocean of his personality, as he drew nearer and near to Allah.

The sun revealed the news that Allah Almighty’s beloved Messenger was soon expected to come back after meeting his creator.

The crown of Allah’s light was on his head amidst a blissful prayer; The Angels stood on both sides of his way to present a salute of honour.

Had we been there, we would have sought for some charity; How could that happen, when we were destined to live this life of poverty ?

He hardly sat on the saddle that the journey of salvation ended at a glance; The salvation itself congratulated him and the sins engaged themselves in a dance.

The dust of luminous path rose up like the clouds of light; The space overflowed with rain and the whole way was exceptionally bright.

O Moon! You should have picked up dust from the Prophet’s feet, you would have got rid of your spots by rubbing it on them for a day.

The hoof-prints of the Buraq filled the entire way with flowers; In no time all over the place there were fragrant orchards and bowers.

The mystery of Aqsa prayer unfolded the secrets of the first and last; The prophets of past and present prayed behind them.

As he advanced, his resplendent face shone with splendour, the sky lit up and the stars became dimmer and dimmer.

The ocean of Unity surged forward and washed sands of diversity; Forget the dunes of the sky, just two bubbles were “Allah’s Arsh & the Kursi.”

His sun-like merciful face eclipsed the shinning stars, the moonlight and starlight looked like shadows in his sunshine.

Who could see this ocean’s shore ? It was all speed and surprise;
He leapt like sight and became hidden from his own eyes.

To differentiate between the circumference and the centre was difficult; The arches bowed and the circles felt giddy as a result.

Millions of veils disappeared revealing endless oceans of luminosity; It was a strange Union of Lights, which symbolized diversity in unity.

He is the first and the last; He lives in the absence and the presence; His own hidden light went to see his own visible existence.

Here Allah gave His beloved Messenger a gift of formal and ritual prayers, He also honoured him with garlands of darood and salaam’s regal flowers.

The tongue was anxious to speak and the ear was eagerly to go very near; mysteriously and silently he said what he wanted to say and heard what he wanted to hear.

Then the distinguished guest was taken to paradise; The starts of paradise felt honoured to see the glory of their Arabian moon.

The Arabian moon was accorded a glorious welcome joyfully; All the heavenly flowers became daffodils and the chandeliers shone more brightly.

The spirit of ecstasy edged him on but the sense of
humility checked him modestly;
A real conflict of emotions,
“To advance or just to stay there reverently.”

Allah’s omnipotence be praised!
His truthful moon shone at millions of stations on his way;
Even then he returned home by dawn before starlight faded away.

Take pity on Raza, O our intercessor an Allah’s Messenger of mercy ! Grant him a small share from the gifts distributed during the Miraj journey.

My mission is to praise the Prophet; My aim is to achieve his pleasure;
The poetic rhymes and refrains have no value;
 Mustafa’s love is my true pleasure.


~Ala Hazrat (rahmatullahi alayh)

Miraj un Nabi Fazilat and Prayers





Miraj un Nabi Fazilat and prayers.

It was the night of the 27th of Rajab when Almighty Allah invited His most beloved Messenger, Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) to Arsh e Moalla, the place of the highest Heaven where the throne of the Glory of Allah is situated. Special deeds and prayers for this day are as follows:

Fasting on this day:

Reward of 100 years prayers.

There are many Hadith on fasting on this day. A Hadith mentions about torture being done to a person in the grave and our Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) telling the person that had he fasted for even ONE DAY during this month, he would not be undergoing that torture. In another Hadith, the Prophet of Allah has stated, “In the month of Rajab whoever prays and fasts, Allah will dine him on the same dastarkhan on which Hazrat Ibrahim (alaihis salaam) and Hazrat Mohammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) will also be present.

Special Prayers for this night:-

  1. In Kitabul – aurad, it is stated that on this night one should pray 12 rakat nafil namaaz in 2 rakat salaams. In each rakaat after Alhamdu (surah Fatiha) pray Kulhuwalla..(surah Ikhlaas)…5 times. After completing the 12 rakats, recite 100 times Kalima Tamjid (subhanallahi walhamdu lillahi wala ilaha illallahu wallahu akbar wa la hawla wala quwwata illa billa hil aliyil azeem), 100 times Istigfar (astaghfirullahillazi la ila huwal Hai-yul Qayyum wa atubu ilaihi) and Durood Sharif 100 times. Insha Allah, whatever then prayed for will be granted.
  2. In the book Tawfa, it is stated: On the night of Mi’raj pray 6 rakats nafil namaaz in 2 rakat salaams. In each rakat after Alhamdu (surah fatiha) pray kulhuwallah (surah Ikhlas)… 7 times. After completing the prayers, recite Durood Sharif 50 times. There are great rewards for doing so.
  3. In the Kitab Falahuddarayan, it is stated that one should pray 100 rakats nafil namaaz in 2 rakat salaams. In each rakat after Alhamdu (surah Fatiha), pray Kulhuwallah (surah Ikhlas) once. After completing the prayer, pray Durood Sharif 100 times. Then going into sijdah position seek your requirements and these insha Allah will be granted.
  4. It has been a practice amongst many, including the pious, to send a gift to our Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) by way of praying 2 rakats nafil prayers. In each rakat after Alhamdu (surah Fatiha), pray kulhuwallah (surah Ikhlaas) 27 times and in qadah position, after praying Attahiyat, recite Durood Ibrahim 27 times rather than the once we usually recite. After completing the prayer take the privilege of sending the sawaab of the prayers to our beloved Holy Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam).

From Dua al Khayrat: A guide for special prayers & blessed nights. Sirat ul Muslimin.



Glory to (Allah) Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless,- in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who heareth and seeth (all things).  (Surah 17. Isra 1.)

Yearning of Shaykh ‘Uthman Dan Fodiyo


 “Is there for me a way to travel swiftly towards Tayba,
To visit the tomb of the Hashimi Muhammad?
That which has spread its fragrance under his protection
Has caused the pilgrims to convulse in the direction of Muhammad
I went away bathed in tears, tears falling like a down pour,
Yearning towards that Prophet Muhammad,
I swear by the Rahman, I possess not a single excellent trait, 
I am only totally encompassed in the love of Prophet Muhammad.”
(Sallallahu alaihi wasallam)
Shehu ‘Uthman Dan Fodiyo, may Allah have mercy on him